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Networking events for businesses in Cheshire

Nothing beats the power of connecting with people ‘in person’.


In business today, there is so much emphasis on connecting and engaging with clients online. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support online marketing but it concerns me that many businesses are starting to overlook the importance of good old fashioned, put down your iPad NETWORKING.


I am a huge fan of networking as you have probably gathered. It is essential to my business and I would always strongly recommend it to my professional services clients that are looking to market and grow their business.


Having recently opened an office in Northwich, I have been on the hunt for networking events in Cheshire.


This was not easy. After endless trawling of the ‘World Wide Web’, I finally drew up a list of networking events to try out.


I therefore thought I would share with you a list of networking event organisers in Cheshire to help save you some valuable time:


Networking Events in Cheshire (click on links to view websites)

This list is by no means complete as I discovered whilst talking to other people at networking events (also a great source of information about other local networking meetings). If I have missed any networking events, you’ll have to accept my apologies – I’m still getting my bearings! Feel free to email details of other networking events in Cheshire. I’ll happily spread the word for you.


Not all networking events will be for your business. When choosing which networking events to attend I ask my clients to think ‘Fish where the fish are’ – in other words go to where your target market will be. That way, you will get the greatest return on the time you invest in networking.


Happy networking and you never know, our paths may cross at a future networking event in Cheshire – be sure to say hello!


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