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It’s official – I’m a Chartered Marketer
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Okay, bragging rights please! I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded the Chartered Marketer status by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).


For me, this has to be one of my greatest personal and professional achievements so far.


Chartered status is, in the words of the awarding body, the Chartered Institute of Marketing: “the mark of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional”.


Only CIM members can obtain Chartered Marketer status which is achieved by completing two years of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). In the past two years, I have attended a number of CPD seminars and boot-camps organised by the CIM North West branch, enjoyed some wider reading, written guest blogs and presented at conferences.


A Chartered Marketer practices to the highest professional marketing standard by maintaining their marketing knowledge and keeping their skills up-to-date.


What does this mean for my clients?

For business owners who are looking to grow their business through marketing, the Chartered Marketer status provides reassurance that you are working with someone at the very top of their profession.


Now that I have the status, it doesn’t stop there. As a Chartered Marketer, I have a responsibility not just to the CIM but to my clients to ensure that I keep up my CPD and continue to expand my marketing knowledge and experience.


Chartered Marketer service without the ‘big consultancy’ fees

If you would like strategic advice or hands-on marketing support from a Chartered Marketer without those big consultancy fees or the cost of hiring a full-time marketing manager, contact Jacquie today to find out how she can help you grow your business through marketing.

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