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How to announce the launch of a new website

So your new website is ready to go live – now what?


Launching a new or revamped website can be an exciting time for your business but are you making the most of this moment?


The last thing you want is for your website launch to be an anti-climax after all the time, resources and money you have invested. This is your opportunity to create a buzz and bring traffic to your website but how do you announce the launch of your website to your existing and potential customers?


With the emergence of online marketing there are many tactics that can be used to announce a website launch such as social media and email marketing, but we also shouldn’t forget traditional marketing methods such as writing a news release, internal communications and word-of-mouth.


Having recently designed and launched my own website, hudsonmarketing.co.uk (ta dah!), here are a few quick and low budget tips on how you could launch your website:


  • Ask all your employees to update their email signatures with your company website URL – make it stand out, it could read something like “Visit our new website www.mycompanywebsite.com”.
  • Update your LinkedIn status with a link to your website and don’t forget to add your company website URL to your profile and company page.
  • Tweet about your website launch on Twitter, tell your followers why they should take a look – remember you only have 140 characters to do this.
  • If you use Facebook, don’t just post an announcement with a URL, encourage your customers to engage with your brand – run a competition, give away free information or advice.
  • If you are launching a new website, make sure all of your printed marketing collateral such as brochures, business cards, stationery and signage is updated with your new website URL.
  • Send an email to all employees to announce the launch of your new website – share with them how you hope the website will help to achieve your business objectives, acknowledge any employees involved in the project, talk about the websites key features and encourage feedback.
  • Post a news release on your website, either in your news section or write a blog.


If you have the resources and budget available, you could also consider the following tactics:


  • Tell your customers by announcing the launch using e-mail marketing using your customer database – if you don’t already use an email marketing service why not try Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.
  • Whether you have a news section or a company blog, ensure that you have a number of news stories/blogs ready to publish for the first month or so – it is so important to update content on your site regularly especially during the launch phase.
  • Offer an incentive for customers to visit your website such as coupons, free delivery, free consultation, free advice booklet, trial subscription – this could be in return for users information such as name and email address which (with permission) could be used for future marketing purposes.
  • Issue a news release and submit to free online press release distribution services such as PR Log, PR Web and PR.com.


I have already mentioned about offering an incentive to encourage your customers to visit your website but make sure in your announcement to tell people why they should visit your new or revamped website, think benefits, not just features – what will they find, what can they do, what’s new and why should they visit more than once.


Don’t let all of your hard work on your new website go to waste – try and find time to put into action some if not all of the quick and low cost activities or contact me to see how I can help you to successfully launch your new website.

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